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Speaking and Group Facilitation

We have a great deal of experience offering well received presentations and programs on an array of topics related to publishing, libraries, and scholarly use.  Some common themes addressed include cultural and technological change in the scholarly information space; effective sales and outreach strategies; at-scale solutions for libraries and publishers; win-win pricing strategies; and the power of business analytics for producing and managing scholarly resources.   


Executive Recruiting

Assist Boards and organizational leadership with all phases of a search
process including gathering stakeholder input, drafting compelling position descriptions, effective ad placements, personalized outreach, efficient candidate screening, interviewing strategies, productive reference checking, effective organizational decision-making, structuring enticing offers, and leadership onboarding.


We are well positioned to help sales staff and outreach librarians develop effective strategies for organizing their work and building a personal toolkit of effective approaches for reaching their target clientele.



Product/project development, market analysis, brand promotion, competitive product placement, marketing plans, ad copy, price policy, negotiating strategy/mediation, strategic partnerships, and other components of developing and maintaining a successful business strategy.


Product Development

Assessing market interest/readiness, scoping product offerings, and managing production are all necessary elements of building a successful business model, whether the goal is revenue generation, cultural enrichment, or both.  Novel Solutions has considerable experience in developing and managing successful digital projects/products in both commercial and library settings.


Service Enhancement

Excellent service is the cornerstone of any successful enterprise—publisher, vendor, or library.  Building and maintaining truly responsive services is a commitment that requires continuous assessment and renewal.  Novel Solutions is particularly committed to helping organizations raise the bar on their service posture. 


Consortia Strategies

Helping consortia organize and sustain programs that deliver value to their membership—e.g., licensing, content purchasing, collaborative digitization, shared print storage, and staff sharing.  We are also in a good position to help publishers and vendors develop effective strategies for approaching, partnering with, and selling to library consortia.

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